Terms of Service

(1) Donations

i. All purchased last a lifetime on the server and will not be wiped. Money bundles last until the next money wipe happens on the server. If you recently purchased money and a wipe happens we are more than happy to repay you the money

ii. If you attempt to charge-back, dispute, or reverse any payments, this will result in permanently banning you from all our servers and other forums in which we work on.

iii. By completing any transaction, you agree to follow all of our RULES

iv. We reserve the right to remove your donation perks if you get banned for breaking one of our rules.

v. The items that are included with our donation items are subject to change at any time.

vi. You are not entitled to a refund if we decide to shutdown our servers and services.

(2) Data

i. By continuing to use our services you agree for us to collect the following data, IPs, ping, playtime, emails, steamids, usernames, play style, kills, deaths and other things that you do on our servers

ii. All data is kept for 2 years after collection but is updated each time you join the servers.

iii. All data is kept on our data server located in Germany but may be downloaded by Jonny who is located in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

iv. The data collected is processed in order to make our services better for everyone by analysing connection location and ping

v. Once the data is processed it is deleted from our system but very vague details will be kept such as where you connected from and your ping.

(3) Punishments

i. Punishments are only handed out by staff level of Moderator and above

ii. Punishment type and length are subject to severity of the rule broken as well as the staff member dealing with the situation.

iii. Punishment type and length are subject to change if a review is conducted by another staff member.

iv. Punishments are also subject to change if you abuse our appeal system.

v. In order to appeal your punishment please send a detailed report to punishments@zoridam.com