1. DO NOT use or reference sexual topics in our servers.

2. DO NOT use racist/anti semetic or other offensive language in our servers.

3. DO NOT abuse exploits or game bugs that you have found in our servers for gain, if you have found one of these and you would like to report it please email

4. DO NOT use cheats or any other form of external modding in order to get ahead of other players on Zoridam's servers.

5. DO NOT sell in game items, benefits or services on our servers for monatary gain.

6. DO NOT threaten or instill fear in other players on any of Zoridam's services.

7. DO NOT impersonate staff members on Zoridam.

8. DO NOT insult/degrade staff members on Zoridam.

9. DO NOT make false or fake staff applications/bug reports/tickets/ban appeals.

10. DO NOT threaten users with DDoS, DoS or DOX attacks.

11. DO NOT avoid being killed e.g. combat logging.

12. DO NOT use excessive insults or threats towards fellow players or staff members.

13. DO NOT change your name in order to trick/troll other players or staff.

14. DO NOT advertise other servers, services or websites that you own/are affiliated to or will gain something by advertising/referring people.

15. DO NOT ask admins or other staff members to give you items, they do not do that.

By continuing to play on Zoridam you acknowledge that these are our rules and that if you break any of them you are subject to punishment in the form of warn/mute/kick/ban, this entirely depends on what the staff member dealing with the situation feels like the correct approach is. You are also subject to lose donation items (per our terms of service HERE) if you are severely punished this will be decided on by a staff member of rank Head Admin and above. If you feel that you have been unfairly punished or think that you do not deserve the punishment given, please send a detailed report to and we will attempt to resolve your issues. Please also note that abuse of our punishment systems i.e. spamming the email or making a fake/troll report will extend your punishment period by 1 week (if you were not banned you will be for 1 week).